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Donica Jean

As a college graduate, wife, and new mother, Donica's list of financial goals does not fall short of the average hopeful. It was in the pursuit of her goals and heart for teaching where Donica realized the innate desire to help others accomplish financial freedom as she was. 

Donica has met her goals of paying off tens of thousands of dollars of debt, maintaining a consistent budget, and successfully living off of less than her combined household income. Learning about finance since her young adult years, Donica has grasped the content and continues to expand on her knowledge by holding both a Bachelors and Masters degree in business, obtaining a financial coach certification, and most recently pursuing the prestigious designation as a CFP professional (Certified Financial Planner). 


Donica is committed to continued education and the application of this knowledge in helping others improve their financial wellbeing, and will continue to meet her financial goals and build wealth while guiding others to do the same and more.

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