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4 Ways to Increase Your Cash Flow

Is it just me, or does it feel like it costs a whole lot more to buy groceries, go out to eat, shop, and buy a house these days?

There are global supply shortages on a plethora of items, from our groceries to the materials required to build homes and cars. These shortages in the height of demand are resulting in significant price increases.

While there are things we can live without, finding ways to effectively manage money for necessities is a must. Below is a short list of a few budget areas where you can free up some cash:

  • Entertainment/leisure activities: Try reducing costly weekend activities by 50-75% for the next 30 days. Some activities can include brunch, concerts, and nightlife functions. You'll likely save enough to exceed your needs for the next month.

  • Takeout: Cutback on takeout the same way you would on entertainment. Make your coffee at home, pack a lunch, and make the same meal you'd normally purchase at a restaurant right at home. On average, this could save you $30 per day!

  • Subscriptions: Are you planning a vacation or for some time away from home? Any subscriptions you'd normally have for the month can be cut temporarily while you're out of the house, saving you some money.

  • Compare prices: If you normally shop for your groceries at a particular store, there are chances you could save at another. Compare prices (you can usually do so online), and shop accordingly.

Each of these intentional acts can add up to significant savings and increased cash flow to ensure you're still able to manage a good standard of living as the economy moves in different directions. This is also a perfect time to get your finances in order with the holiday season now here. Happy saving! You've got this.

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