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30 minutes
During this introductory conversation, we briefly discuss your unique financial story, goals, an overview of our services, and answer any questions you may have. At no charge, this is a great way to determine if we are the right fit for you. 
Coaching Sessions
90 minutes per session
Our coaching sessions are comprised of the following elements*: 
Discuss and establish a solid understanding of your financial perspective(s), needs, and goals.
Analyze your current financial picture (budgets, expenses, etc.) and identify any areas of possible adjustments/improvements.
Talk through and agree upon possible strategies to consider in order to address and meet your financial goals.
Formulate an ongoing plan of action to ensure your goals are consistently aligned with our strategies.
*Each coaching relationship is tailored to each individual (or joint) clients. The overall structure of the relationship and strategies used may vary, depending on client needs.
Ongoing Coaching Support
30 minutes - 1 hour per session
Periodic discussions for updates, adjustments to the action plan, and informal advisement, as needed.
"​à La Carte"
1 - 2 hours per session
Designed for those who'd like to partner with us on an as-needed basis. The duration of each session depends on the scope of services requested.
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